Sunday, June 6, 2010

Signs for Big Cats


ETA: Transcript of video is posted below. Apologies that the video isn't subtitled. I haven't learned how to do that yet! But will do soon! =)

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a vlog. In fact the last time was May 10th of last year in 2009. Whoops. It’s about time for me to do another vlog so I am here to talk about Big Cats. Some big cats don’t have a sign so I’m going to share with you what signs I invented for my family and I to use. But if you know the signs for the big cats especially if those cats are from that particular country where they live, please share with me and my readers here on this blog. To begin with, the sign for 'cat' done with the F-shape tends to apply to house cats only. For big cats, the sign is the 5-claw shape across the cheek.

'Lion' is a commonly known sign: 5-claw raking over the head (mane) and 'tiger' is another commonly known sign: 5-claw across the cheek (it is the same sign used for 'big cats'). There is no sign for 'cheetah' that I know of so my family and I invented the sign to be: 1-handshape following the line on the side of the nose and dragged down to the corner of the lips and then changing the handshape to 5-claw and drag across the cheek (BIG-CATS sign). Cheetahs can be identified by the black lines on both sides of their nose which is how I came up with the sign and how cheetahs can be indentified apart from leopards. Cheetah is signed like 1-handshape dragged on the side of the nose, then BIG-CATS sign and 'leopard' is signed like BIG-CAT and F-handshape making "holes" on the chest area: SPOTS-ON-BODY. The sign for panther I use is BLACK BIG-CAT. Or you can sign it like BIG-CAT BLACK. Either way works although BLACK BIG-CAT seems to flow better for me. Next is the Bobcat, not signed B-O-B (house)CAT but B-O-B BIG-CAT. And for the jaguar, the sign is BIG-CAT J-A-G. So that’s it. Right now I can't think of other big cats. I know there are tons of different big cats but the only other big cat I can think of right now is the 'snow leopard' which would be signed as SNOW BIG-CAT SPOTS-ON-BODY. That’’s all. If you can think of another big cat that you want to develop the sign for, go ahead and post a comment or create a vlog and share it with everyone here. Ok? I hope I will post vlogs more often from here on out but I'm always so busy! Ah well, that’s life. =)


Lee said...

Very cool! I'll start using some of those :)

Anonymous said...

I like your vlog. I am a hearing person studying ASL so I will not post much. Thank you. ~Pamela

Tabitha Dawn said...

For mountain lion, I sign MOUNTAIN-LION.