Sunday, May 10, 2009

Signs for 'donut' & 'bagel'



Seek Geo said...

Hey Keri!

Ah.. funny because the sign you had for "bagel" is how I usually sign for donut. It was kinda hard to explain in text in comment on previous post but yeah, that's the one how I sign for donut.

As for dessert, I have always spelled it but I like how you sign "sweet food" because like you, I use breakfast, lunch and dinner how you just showed. I have not used "B", "L", and "D" since MSSD, he he.

For "date", sometime I spell it out depending on the conversation, also sometime I sign the way how we sign for "meet" but more like once not twice hitting each other if u know what I mean? I guess all really it depends on kind of conversation where we have to spell it out to make sure we're on same page. Because some ASL signs can mean many things...

Ohh.. look forward to your signs for these type of animals since some of them I had trouble spelling, LMAO!


Benno said...

I sign 'bagel' as yours. I rather wait for more responses but I agree you that we better not adopt the first sign for bagel you showed us as there may be confusion.

deafeningchameleon said...

Hi Keri
I like what Bianca does for the sign dessert, instead the D handshape with the forefingers pointing upwards, she uses the D handshape so the forefingers point outwards *away from the body* (same as for plate)
I use the R handshape for donuts too. Bagel I sign BREAD, ROUND, BALD/EMPTY which is actually just a way to use classifiers to describe the bagels.
I forgot about this blog! Glad I saw your posting under FB!

darleen said...

hey keri! good to see ya,
dessert danny and i sign as you do "sweet eat"
ill have to show you how i sign bagel on way am i using english for that!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time viewing your vlog. It does bring up several good topics to discuss. I want to add one thing about using ASL. Don't depend on vocabulary alone. It has to be considered how it is presented in a context.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keri,

I found your site because I was looking for words related to bagels. I am hearing, but ASL is a hobby of mine. The online dictionaries don't seem to have either BAGEL or CREAM CHEESE. I see that in this posting you are describing some distinction between BAGEL and DONUT - but you do so in a way that is conversational.

Would you mind doing the favor of supplying the individual signs for BAGEL and CREAM CHEESE. If so it would be really helpful! But I know with your baby you might be too busy.

There are some people at a local bagel bakery who expressed an interest in communicating with their deaf customers. I wanted to teach them these two signs to give them a headstart!