Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick Question for Ya'all:



erfo said...

my signs are crap, from back when i was SEE. the sign for family, right, with a B for bagel and a D for donut.

i find the sign for donut that's similar to restaurant a little too confusing. i'm curious now =D

Christine Taylor said...

I don't have sign for bagel. But I sign R handshape and each R hs on both hands on edge of lips and move toward together like circle. I am sure you seen this sign before. Maybe from me. =P

Christine Taylor said...

DUH! I meant this sign for Donut. Not Bagel. Sorry forgot to tell what this sign is for. =) End of semester thing. I am sure you can related!

Jodi said...

Hi- Good thoughts- Happy Sunday hope you have had a good weekend- um- as for Bagel I usually fingerspell it- and for Donut as you put "D" as Dessert then turn back to all the hand I'm not sure How I describe it haha I'm sure you get the concept. Happy Sunday

erfo said...

actually, at church we signed family with "R" for donut. my parents remembered different signs and my dad stuck with the ASL lessons they took at the hospital where i was born; my mom went on to integrate herself with the SEE-based philosophy of my schools.

willow said...

I spell bagel, and for dounut, "d" wreath

Anonymous said...

Yeah "R" circle for donut. I HATE the "D" English version of donut.

Here Ive seen GBSD kids sign Bagel like NYC's and LESCO sign for cookie. Small "C" with both hands (touching the Index fingers and thumbs together). I dont think its a bad sign for it. -R

Lee said...

I don't have any good signs for bagel and donuts...

but I was wondering about the sign for avocado. I have my own sign that others seem to really like and have picked up on.

We eat a lot of avocados around here but not many bagels or donuts, ha!

Christina L. said...

i sign dount both hands in D shape and sign like family. for bagel. i finger spells it orrrr sign it like dount but with both hand "B" and sign like family. ek. i grew up sign like that.

Judge said...

Good to see you on line once again.

Interesting question..

For bagel, I always fingerspell it.

For donut, I sign but tough to explain it on blog -- best bet is show video! If I understand right what anonymous 3:17 (above) says, it may be the same as mine.


Seek Geo said...

Hi Keri!

As for donut, I sign like some of others with "R" in a circle because of these infamous swirl donuts, I guess.

As for bagel, I just spell it because it's easier to spell.. at least for me rather to try and sign but I'm so interested to know what you can come up with, tho!

Anything with English version like "D", "B", please don't.. I can't stand them! LOL

Can't wait to see what's yours.



Anonymous said...

SeekGeo, same here... I fingerspell bagel and use "R" circling on chin for donut.

but what's funny, with my hearing family... You know how we use home signs sometimes...Their sign of donut... They would make an "O" handshape and put another finger in to make a circle inside. What does that look like? oh how embarrassing.. =/ LOL

Michelle AKA "AGUABO"

Seek Geo said...

Hi Michelle!

LMAO!! Ok.. that is embarrassing! He he.. good one, though.



kentr1 said...

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Ecclesiastes said...

I don't know about ASL for 'bagel', but the correct spelling for the second person plural in American English is " y'all ".

You spell it like you're from Vermont or something.