Thursday, March 20, 2008

What are your VEGGIE signs?


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Sorry took so long to make other video! Busy plus sick. Today will try to answer some questions and respond to comments. Don’t need to check, check, check for new post. Simple go to, create account and type in my blog address and other blog addresses. When see BOLD, then mean new post. Click and read. Me read over 100 blogs, save time!

To anonymous: want to be clear that I am NOT forcing anyone to create a sign on the spot. All of us use home signs with our families so I thought that if someone already has an awesome sign for a word that has no sign, why not share it with the rest of the ASL community and use it? I disagree that F/S improves English. If you read Paddy Ladd’s book “Understanding Deaf Culture,” you will realize that back before the Oralism movement, Deaf people had BETTER English skills and knew how to spell correctly. Nowadays, English literacy is a major concern. So this is proof that Oralism and fingerspelling are not the key to good English skills. The key is what? Strong foundation in ASL and parent involvement. Myself grow up parents always checked to make sure I understood what that word meant, explained, explained. Before me nod-nod but now I realize valuable.

Laronda, I don’t know how to add video comments to this blog so if anyone knows how I can add that, let me know. I’ve contacted Taylor via email but he never responded. For now, why don’t all of you make a video comment in YouTube and then cut and paste the link in your comment?

Rachel, I fingerspelled ASL Junkie to EMPHASIZE the title. In ASL, it’s proper grammar to fingerspell title and then give sign. Now that all know about this title, I will use sign “SIGN JUNKIE” from now on! Smile!

GEO- sign for “INDEX” depends on context? Are you talking about INDEX CARDS? Then simply describe what it looks like. Other context, not sure, need more info! Smile!

Ok, Katie gave me the perfect topic to start: let’s do veggies! Katie (hohjo clan) wants to know what’s the sign for cucumber. Good question! I talked to an older deaf woman here in VT and she says she fingerspells CUKE. What’s up with the fingerspelling? Anyone out there have a different sign for cucumber? Or have ideas of what the sign should be? While we are on the topic of veggies, here are some veggie signs I use:
Green beans
Celery (thanks Christine!)

Now I challenge you! Need signs for:
Green/Red/Orange Pepper
Cabbage/Lettuce (same sign?)
Butternut Squash
Other veggies?

Looking forward to seeing ideas from you!!!


Deb Ann said...

I like your sign for peas! I'll do that. :)

Jt said...

Nice blog! I suggest you email Jared. He's always very helpful with answering technical questions. I'm sure he's very busy with work and stuff, but give him a try.

deafeningchameleon said...

I've also use the "garbage" sign by the head for lettuce (like a head of lettuce). The rest of the veggies, grr have to give it some thought :)
keep up the good work!

Christine Taylor said...

Yep! The sign for celery is right! Green bean... do you sign green and bean? or just "green bean"? If you just sign "green bean", doesn't it look like word?? Please clarify that. I would love to know more vegetable signs! A month ago, i was teaching my ASL students signs for vegs and fruits and realized that almost all fruits had signs while vegs don't really have sign. Why???