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Signs for Big Cats


ETA: Transcript of video is posted below. Apologies that the video isn't subtitled. I haven't learned how to do that yet! But will do soon! =)

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a vlog. In fact the last time was May 10th of last year in 2009. Whoops. It’s about time for me to do another vlog so I am here to talk about Big Cats. Some big cats don’t have a sign so I’m going to share with you what signs I invented for my family and I to use. But if you know the signs for the big cats especially if those cats are from that particular country where they live, please share with me and my readers here on this blog. To begin with, the sign for 'cat' done with the F-shape tends to apply to house cats only. For big cats, the sign is the 5-claw shape across the cheek.

'Lion' is a commonly known sign: 5-claw raking over the head (mane) and 'tiger' is another commonly known sign: 5-claw across the cheek (it is the same sign used for 'big cats'). There is no sign for 'cheetah' that I know of so my family and I invented the sign to be: 1-handshape following the line on the side of the nose and dragged down to the corner of the lips and then changing the handshape to 5-claw and drag across the cheek (BIG-CATS sign). Cheetahs can be identified by the black lines on both sides of their nose which is how I came up with the sign and how cheetahs can be indentified apart from leopards. Cheetah is signed like 1-handshape dragged on the side of the nose, then BIG-CATS sign and 'leopard' is signed like BIG-CAT and F-handshape making "holes" on the chest area: SPOTS-ON-BODY. The sign for panther I use is BLACK BIG-CAT. Or you can sign it like BIG-CAT BLACK. Either way works although BLACK BIG-CAT seems to flow better for me. Next is the Bobcat, not signed B-O-B (house)CAT but B-O-B BIG-CAT. And for the jaguar, the sign is BIG-CAT J-A-G. So that’s it. Right now I can't think of other big cats. I know there are tons of different big cats but the only other big cat I can think of right now is the 'snow leopard' which would be signed as SNOW BIG-CAT SPOTS-ON-BODY. That’’s all. If you can think of another big cat that you want to develop the sign for, go ahead and post a comment or create a vlog and share it with everyone here. Ok? I hope I will post vlogs more often from here on out but I'm always so busy! Ah well, that’s life. =)

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Off the point: On-line Garage Sale!!!

Boy oh boy! It's been FOREVER since I've posted! I've been having an INSANELY busy summer! One of the things I'm doing is cleaning out our house and garage of things that we never use thus the reason for this on-line garage sale. For those of you who don't know, I'm preggers with my 2nd child so the nesting syndrome must be hitting me. BTW, did you know that the average household does NOT use about 80% of their stuff????!!!! Isn't that CRAZY?!! But I believe it!

Below are links to items for sale that go directly to Craig's List (easier than uploading everything). If you are interested in any of the items for sale (shipping costs will be extra but I'm willing to negotiate), shoot me an e-mail: kiwibrooks(at)

Happy browsing!


Kids' Diesel shoes:

Kids' Vincent shoes:

Baby Hawk Mei Tai Carrier:

Computer speakers:

Subaru Forester rims:

Honda Civic wheel covers:

Honda Civic left headlight:

Kelty frame backpack, etc:

IKEA baby gym:

IKEA sun light fixture:

IKEA table and chairs:

Wedding dress:

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Deaf Women of New England Conference 2008

*** Early-Bird registration ENDS on May 31st!!!***

This biannual event will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Burlington, Vermont from Friday, November 14th through Sunday, November 16th of THIS year - 2008.

The theme for the 2008 Deaf Women of New England conference is "Honoring Mother Earth, Cherishing Our Future." With global warming creating a negative impact on our planet Earth, changes in our lifestyles will be necessary in order for our future generations to even have a future. This conference will be unique because it will be as eco-friendly as possible. We are making a commitment to sustainability by attempting to reduce our waste. One of the things we will do is avoid using things that cannot be recycled or be reused. More information on what we are doing to reduce our impact on planet Earth will be shared on our website at a later date.

Registration for early-bird is *only* $100 and that includes: a goody bag, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch (dinner on your own), Sunday breakfast and lunch, and Saturday evening's entertainment. You are responsible for your own hotel accommodations (see website link below for hotel info).

If you have not yet registered, registration forms are on-line at the link below. Make sure your envelope is postmarked by MAY 31st for your Early-Bird Registration!

If you are interested in being a presenter for the conference, click on the link below to download the Call for Papers application.

If you are interested in setting up a booth at the conference, click on the link below to download the Vendor/Booth application.

If you are interested in placing an ad from your agency or company in the conference program book, click on the link below to download the Program Book Ad Application.

Questions? E-mail me: DWNE2008(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope to see you this coming fall!

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What are your VEGGIE signs?


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Sorry took so long to make other video! Busy plus sick. Today will try to answer some questions and respond to comments. Don’t need to check, check, check for new post. Simple go to, create account and type in my blog address and other blog addresses. When see BOLD, then mean new post. Click and read. Me read over 100 blogs, save time!

To anonymous: want to be clear that I am NOT forcing anyone to create a sign on the spot. All of us use home signs with our families so I thought that if someone already has an awesome sign for a word that has no sign, why not share it with the rest of the ASL community and use it? I disagree that F/S improves English. If you read Paddy Ladd’s book “Understanding Deaf Culture,” you will realize that back before the Oralism movement, Deaf people had BETTER English skills and knew how to spell correctly. Nowadays, English literacy is a major concern. So this is proof that Oralism and fingerspelling are not the key to good English skills. The key is what? Strong foundation in ASL and parent involvement. Myself grow up parents always checked to make sure I understood what that word meant, explained, explained. Before me nod-nod but now I realize valuable.

Laronda, I don’t know how to add video comments to this blog so if anyone knows how I can add that, let me know. I’ve contacted Taylor via email but he never responded. For now, why don’t all of you make a video comment in YouTube and then cut and paste the link in your comment?

Rachel, I fingerspelled ASL Junkie to EMPHASIZE the title. In ASL, it’s proper grammar to fingerspell title and then give sign. Now that all know about this title, I will use sign “SIGN JUNKIE” from now on! Smile!

GEO- sign for “INDEX” depends on context? Are you talking about INDEX CARDS? Then simply describe what it looks like. Other context, not sure, need more info! Smile!

Ok, Katie gave me the perfect topic to start: let’s do veggies! Katie (hohjo clan) wants to know what’s the sign for cucumber. Good question! I talked to an older deaf woman here in VT and she says she fingerspells CUKE. What’s up with the fingerspelling? Anyone out there have a different sign for cucumber? Or have ideas of what the sign should be? While we are on the topic of veggies, here are some veggie signs I use:
Green beans
Celery (thanks Christine!)

Now I challenge you! Need signs for:
Green/Red/Orange Pepper
Cabbage/Lettuce (same sign?)
Butternut Squash
Other veggies?

Looking forward to seeing ideas from you!!!